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Nathalie Cusson is a designer, art director and founder of Scooter Design Inc. She created Sidecar as the illustration & art division of her design company in 2014. Nathalie believes that beauty is everywhere, for those who know where to look. As a kid, she spent hours playing with her brother’s tiny cars, inventing road trips and parking lots filled with odd vehicles. After 20 years in the field of design, advertising and magazine art direction, she came full circle, back to her first love, illustration and drawing. Nathalie works out of her studio in Montreal, Canada, with the help of her son who brings her toy cars for inspiration. She chose automobiles as a subject because their presence punctuates our lives: the family car, the singles’ car, the mid-life crisis car. The vehicles in our lives seem to have their own personalities. We give them names; we see cartoonish faces in the position of their headlights and bumpers. Each limited edition print is signed by the artist, numbered by hand, and comes with a personal story about each vehicle.

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